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Top Reasons to Drive the New 2015 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is one of the most iconic members of the Toyota lineup. For the 2015 model year, Toyota has introduced a fully refreshed and updated version of the Camry sedan. When you visit your Toyota dealership, you will be amazed at the bold styling cues and terrific performance features that the new Camry has to offer you. Many Toyota dealers already have the 2015 Camry in stock, so now is the time to set up a test drive at your Roseville new car dealership. Here is an overview of some of the top reasons why you should drive the 2015 Toyota Camry.

Style with Attitude
The 2015 Camry stands out from the pack of every other sedan on the road. For the 2015 model year, Toyota has completely reinvented the exterior style of their Camry sedan. In 2015, the Camry will feature aggressive exterior lines and an aerodynamic silhouette. Features such as a sport mesh front grille and LED headlights serve to further enhance the striking good looks of this new Toyota vehicle.

Comfortable Cabin
When you step inside the 2015 Camry, you will be treated to an incredibly comfortable driving experience. Toyota has equipped the Camry with premium interior features, such as an 8-way power-adjustable heated driver's seat and steering wheel-mounted controls. With its incredibly quiet cabin, the new Camry will allow you to enjoy your driving experience, without worrying about road noise or other distractions.

Premium Technology
Toyota has engineered the 2015 Camry with a suite of premium technological features that will take your drives to the next level of convenience and fun. Your Camry can come equipped with the Entune App suite, which will provide you with hands-free access to your favorite apps, navigation features, and more. With its wireless charging system, the 2015 Camry will ensure that you are able to stay connected to your devices as you drive.

How Toyota is Conserving Water

Toyota is a leader for global conservation efforts. From the environmentally conscious manufacturing methods that they use to make their new and used cars to the eco-friendly materials that they use to construct their new car dealers, Toyota has gone green in many different areas. Recently, Toyota has taken steps to reduce the overall water consumption of its company. In 2014, Toyota dealerships across the country reduced their water use by as much as 20 percent. In addition, Toyota's manufacturing facility in Alabama has cut back on its water usage by as much as 300,000 gallons annually. Your Toyota dealership in Roseville can tell you more about the eco-friendly steps that the Toyota brand has taken to help the environment. If you are looking for an eco-smart choice for your daily driving needs, you may also want to check out the latest models in the Toyota lineup.

Tips for Your Test Drive at the New Car Dealership

Your test drive is one of the most important parts of your trip to the new car dealership. When you visit your local Toyota dealership, you will have a variety of makes and models to choose from. From spacious Toyota SUV models to Toyota's efficient hybrids, Toyota dealers carry a complete range of Toyota's latest vehicles. By taking your time during your test drive at a new car dealership in Roseville, you can ensure that you are purchasing the right Toyota for your driving needs. Here is a look at some essential tips for your test drive.

Do Your Research
In order to get the most out of your test drive , it is important to do research beforehand. You may want to visit the dealership's website to see which vehicles they have in stock. As you research, you will get a good idea of which Toyota vehicle will be best suited to your driving needs. After you have selected a couple of models, you will be ready to begin your test drive.

Walk Around the Vehicle
Your test drive will begin before you ever get behind the wheel of the car. During your test drive, it is a great idea to spend time walking around the vehicle and examining all of its features. Be sure to pay attention to factors such as trunk space, windows and doors. In addition, you may want to sit in both the front and back seats to check for comfort.

Drive Attentively
Once you are ready to start driving the vehicle, it is important to take your time and pay attention to all of the performance features of the car that you are driving. If possible, it is a great idea to perform your test drive on varied road conditions, such as city streets and the highway. After your test drive is complete, you will have a good idea as to whether the car you are driving is right for you.

Using Toyota's Entune System

The Toyota Entune system is the primary feature on the audio display center stack in the new Toyota Camry. When you drive your new Camry vehicle, your Entune system will provide you with terrific features, such as Bluetooth, voice recognition, and more. To use the Entune system, you can navigate through the apps that are displayed on the touchscreen. To experience Toyota Entune in person, be sure to visit your local Toyota dealership. The friendly sales members at Toyota dealers will be able to provide you with more information about how Toyota Entune works. When you take a test drive at your local Roseville new car dealership, you will be able to experience Toyota Entune first hand. To take a look at how to use Toyota's Entune system, watch this video from Toyota USA.

Get Your Car Ready for Winter [INFOGRAPHIC]

When cold weather sets in, you take the time to pull out your winter wardrobe to keep yourself warm and take steps to prepare your home and yard for chilly temperatures, but what about your car? Your car also needs some special attention to maintain optimum performance when winter weather sets in. Start by checking your tires—you need good tread to grip slippery roads. If you live in an area with a lot of snow, consider switching to winter tires for even better control. In this infographic, Roseville Toyota, a dealership offering new and used cars in Roseville, explains how to prepare your car for winter driving conditions. Our Toyota service department can help you get your car road-ready, and if you're looking for a new car, our Toyota dealership sales team can help. Visit our new and used car dealership to see our selection, and share these important winter safety tips with your family and friends.

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